Tips : Stats

Your Basic Stats

This will be a break down of all the different abbreviations for skills/ attributes , what they stand for, how it affects you, and how each works. I will try to list them all but if I miss any, (or get them wrong) please let me know. Troop skills will not be included, just note the skills work the exact same way for your troops as they do for you.

Abbreviation    Full Name    How it works    How it affects you    Class that uses it.
PATK    Physical Attack    This determines your physical attack damage.    The more you have the harder you hit!    Knights/Archers
PDEF    Physical Defense    This determines your defense against physical attacks.    The more you have the less damage you take from physical hits.    All
MATK    Magical Attack    This determines your magical attack damage.    The more you have the stronger your magical hits are.    Mages
MDEF    Magical Defense    This determines your defense from magical attacks.    The more you have the less damage you take from magical hits.    All
HP    Hit Points/
Health Points    Your red bubble on the attack page represents your HP.    The more you have the longer you live.    All
Crit    Critical    Automatically increases damage during a fight.    The more you have the more often you can do a critical strike
for extra damage.    All
Blk    Block    Some of the damage shows up in blue, and is not taken from your HP.    The more you have the less damage you might take.    All
Med    Medallion    An item slot in your inventory.    More gear is always good!!    All
Honor    Honor    Allows you to equip a medallion item.
See this guide for more information on
how to gain Honor.    The higher your Honor Ranking the better gear you can get.    All
Strength/Power    Strength/Power    For each point of strength/power you get PATK +4 & PDEF +1    This helps more with hitting, but only a little from being hit.    All
Armor    Armor    For each armor point you get 4 points of MDEF & PDEF    This is your basic protection from any type of hit.    All
Intelligence    Intelligence    For each point in intelligence you get 4 points of MATK and 1 point of MDEF.    This helps more with magic, but only a little from being hit by magic.    All
Endurance    Endurance    For each point in endurance you get 20 hit points.    The more HP you have the longer you can live.    All
Charisma    Charisma    For each point of Charisma you get one point in troop count.    More troops to help them survive longer.    All
Troops    Troops    This determines how much HP your troops actually have as you go into battle.

the formula for Troop HP per battle is as follows

(TroopHP(stat) x Troop Count) / 200 {Thank you SenJuu}

To explain further, take the troop Hit Points (including technology boosts) multiply that number by your troop count; then divide that number by 200.

You get the base HP from looking at them in the barracks upgrade page. This goes up as you upgrade them.
The more you have the longer they live to help you fight!!    All

I noticed a lot of threads asking about different stats, and abbreviations wondering what they do or how they work, and was really confused when I started out as well, (and I have over 30 years of role playing under my belt). So after a lot of reading, and trying to figure them out I compiled this list. Hope it helps you out.

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Tips :Troop Specialties

What is Troop Specialties ? 

Troop Specialties is the latest feature added to wartune by R2 Games. [Patch Notes] 10/18 Server Update.

What does it do ? 

It increses your heroes stats by taking the stats of your troops into account.

What do I need for Troop Specialties ? 

– Level 40 Hero
– Soldier lvl 10
– 1 mil daru for each try
– Click on enlighten 
– You will spend 1 mil daru
– You will gain 1 point in blessed rating
– You have a chance to discover new Troop Specialties
– You have a chance to lvl up your current troop speciality ( rare )

Ok I like the new speciality that I discovered how do I get it?

– Click on swap. You will swap your current troop speciality to the new one.
– It’s optional. If you want to keep the one which you have then dont click on swap.
– You will discover troop speciality each time you hit enlighten

How do I level up my Troop Specialties ? 

– You gain 1 point in blessing each time you hit enlighten
– When your blessed meter is full. Your troop speciality is lvled up. And you blessed meter counter is reset to 0.
– You have a rare chance to upgrade your troop speciality each time you hit enlighten

What are the different types of Troop Specialties ? 

I have discovered the following specialities on my knights. They might be different on some other type of troops

I dont belive in chances, what is the daru cost to lvl up Troop Specialties ?

– You need 5 mil daru to get to lvl 2
– Another 10 mil to lvl 3
– Another 20 mil to lvl 4
I know damn costly. So better pray before you hit enlighten.

Is there a maximum lvl to Troop Specialties ? 

– Yes there is. The maximum lvl is 10.

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Tips : Leveling

My Leveling guide is going to be simple enough , but note that it requires some time to achieve.

What i learned from this game is that the first 40 levels can be achieved in less then 15 days of constant playing (without missing a day)

You would want to start your first 20-25 levels with doing all the available main quests , don’t use your exp scrolls on these levels as they wont help you that much.

Bounties Quests

For those who prefer cashing do all your bounties purple/orange (i usually keep on refreshing the quests and doing all of them 20 quests in 20-30 minutes time. Note: This will easily give you more time to focus on the rest of the ways of getting exp.). And for those who don’t have this opportunity do blue/purple/orange bounties , make sure to check your bounties building every 30 minutes since sometimes you get only white/green quests.
Note: don’t use any xp scrolls while doing bounties as they don’t give you anything.


Upon reaching level 22-23 (can’t remember exactly) go into the catacombs everyday , don’t use any crypt keys/runes/balens as at the early levels it is not that important.
When you reach level 35 and have the whole PvP set +12 with sockets , try maximizing your Catacombs levels to the top (by that time you should be able to reach level 40-50 in the catacombs) and as soon as you reach that level start using blitz with a crypt key for x2 exp. and items.
Note: it is very important to focus on reaching the maximum highest level you can in the catacombs starting from 40+ since the exp gain there starts to be reasonable.

Multiplayer Dungeons

From the start try to run all MP’s with the same group of people in order to achieve friendship level of 3+ by the time you reach level 40.
Starting from level 40 when you should already have the full PvP set +12 with sockets (your whole group should have the set) you can start running Void Nightmare for the exp. boost. But to be able to go Void Nightmare you should complete normal mode once first.
Note: For those who can’t complete Void nightmare , you can always ask a higher level player to help you. Same goes for 45+ MP dungeons.
Always use your 100/50% exp. scrolls before the last boss in the 1st run to boost your exp. even more.

Campaign Dungeons

What i do here is first i try to get the maximum amount of stamina i can (refreshing 60 stamina in between events and using any stamina potions i have left or received from the guild blessing) in order to get 160+ stamina.
After that i start Streak on the highest level dungeon available since it gives more exp. before starting i use a 100/50% exp. boost scroll for 8+ runs. At level 48 dungeon i receive around 800k-1 mill exp. for 8-10 runs with 100% scroll and level 5 VIP
Hint: the level 48 dungeon gives 25k gold on every run so you might want to consider this as a good profitable dungeon.
Very important: Don’t use the Streak before you have finished the “Shadow Crystal” daily quest , i’ll explain why in the next section.

Daily Quests

The daily quests are mainly very easy to do and all you need is time for that. I would say that the hardest daily quest is the “Shadow Crystal” one since sometimes the luck isn’t on your side and you don’t get enough Crystals to complete the quest. That’s why i was saying to wait before starting the Streak on solo dungeons since streak doesn’t give you the opportunity to open Mystery Chests that sometimes contain x3 Shadow Crystals. So in that case i would recommend doing all solo’s manually (still with a scroll) till you get your Shadow Crystal quest done , that’s in case if you are lucky enough and have enough skeleton keys.
Hint: Another way to complete the quest is by using the VIP wheel which contains Shadow Crystals ( if there aren’t any shadow crystals , just close it and reopen it till there are at least 2-3 crystals) and the last way of getting shadow crystals is trough the guild blessing which gives 5 crystals , but that’s only if you are lucky enough.

Other ways of earning exp.


If you got lots of insignias because of guild battle winnings and need that extra boost, go for exp scroll at arena shop. it cost 10 insignias for 5,000exp if you do the math..100insg=10×5,000= 50,000exp

Enhanced bounty scroll

If you have tons of enhanced bounty scroll, better save them for later when you are 50+. because bounty scroll gives you exp based on your current level. (not on the level you got that bounty scroll) 


If you have the opportunity to buy the Level 3 (1h) seeds for 5 balens each , do it!

Higher level will give you more xp from seeds and less time for waiting!

I recommend everyone to level up his farm to the max available level and save all your vouchers for upgrading it starting from level 30 farm.
Always plant 1 kyanite seed and the rest should be exp. seeds. For the time that you are going to be online always buy the 1h seeds. And by the time you have to leave buy the 4h seeds.

Daily Duels

Another way of earning exp. is finishing all 20 duels you have daily (at level 49 it gives me ~100k exp.)

Guild Tree

Last way of earning exp. is attending your guild’s tree spawn which is very important since it gives ~2%+ of your current level , depending on the tree level and it’s recharge amount.

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Tips : Astral

This is the list of all the yellow/orange astrals u can get. Note: there are equivalent astrals for Purple, Blue and Green astrals as well.

The effects of astral: (X is the value which will change depend on the colour and the level of the astral)

1.Disable critical strike but regular damage is increased by (X)%
2.MATK (X)
3.Reduce all damage by (X)%
4.Reduce all damage values by (X)
5.Floating damage expands by (X)%
6.PDEF +(X)
7.(X)% chance of dodging damage
8.HP +(X)
9.Chance of receiving crit reduced by -(X)%
10.Crit base damage increased by (X)%
11.PATK +(X)
12.10% chance to reflect (X)% of damage received
13.Critical +(X)
14.Block +(X)
15.Charisma +(X)
16.10% chance to gain (X) HP while attacking
17.Regain HP equivalent to (X)% of the damage dealt, 10% trigger rate
18.MDEF +(X)

Note:Special astral.

Energine (or the Red Astral) is the only special astral because it’s only there for one reason: give a huge amount of EXP to other astrals. So if you get the Red astral, fuse it with another astral to get 500 EXP for that astral.

Tips on how to get good astrals.

3. ALWAYS sell back the Green astrals, synz the Blue ones and keep the Purple and Orange astral.
Note: Why sell the Green ones? The Green astral only give 10 EXP when fused, so it not worth it. But when selling back, you get 3600 gold (click on the lv 1 Star/Rock cost 4000 gold). So you get some gold back to keep trying.

4. If you only want to get specific astrals, you might like to use the sell all strategy which basically is selling all astrals you don’t want including the Blues, Purples and Orange you don’t like. Again this is only to get a specific astral (without try to lv it up).

5. Lastly, even you find yourself unlucky with astral, KEEP INVESTING whenever you can. Because you get star points every time you try. Star Points can be used to exchange for good astrals (you can choose any astral you like): 7000 for a Orange astral, 2000 for a Purple astral and 1000 for the Red astral. So don’t be afraid to KEEP TRYING!

Which astral should you use?

It depends upon your chosen class and type of build

EXAMPLE:knight Dps/Knight Tank.

The highly recommended ones areshould be include in most build)
PATK (for Knight and Archer)
MATK (for Mage)
PDEF(in my opinion, it’s very important for Mages since their MDEF is usually high already and they will face a lot of Knights and Archers)
MDEF(Good againts mages)

Good astrals: (depend on your build)
Disable critical strike but regular damage is increased: A lot of mages like this one since mage don’t often get critical strike. It seem like with the Orange astral, it increased by 10% every lv (so at lv10, damage will be double, I assume). This is not recommended for Archer. Also if you choose this astral, don’t use Crit gems or try to get Crit in your equipments, since it has become useless.
Reduce all damage by (X)%:This is for a defend build. It seem like with the Orange astral, it increased by 3% every lv.
Reduce all damage values by (X): Not a good astral because the amount reduced is very low, might be only usable when your character is low level.
Chance of receiving crit reduced:Again for defend build. Good against Archer.
Crit base damage increased:Good for Archer.
Critical: Almost a must for Archer. Knight and Mage can use it as well. Note: Mage’s Restoration and Blessed Light can also critical (which mean more heal).
Block: Good for defend build. A lot of Knights have it.
Charisma:increase troop count = better troop. But I don’t recommend this since there are better ways to increase troop count and there are many more useful astrals.

GAMBLE ASTRALSpurely base on luck, so can be useless or even disadvantageous if you are not lucky)
Floating damage:It extends your possible damage range. For example: your damage range is 2000-3000 and you get 1000 floating damage, your damage range is now 1000-4000. In other word, you can deal more or less damage than you normally would depend on your luck. It’s useless at low level and is a big gamble at high lvl.
Chance of dodging damageIt can be use for defend. But the chance is quite low. Note: Knights have a skill that heals when dodge so they might like this one.
10% chance to reflect (X)% of damage received:1 in 10 chances. It might be usable for Knights.
10% chance to gain (X) HP while attacking: Again 1 in 10 chances. Some people who don’t have heal use this one. But the chance seems too low. In my opinion, you better invest in damage to take out the opponent quickly and use runes for heal.
Regain HP equivalent to (X)% of the damage dealt, 10% trigger rate:Same as above. The only difference is it heals base on your damage. So the higher your damage is the better.

Other things you may not know about the Astral System
The maximum level for an Astral is 10.
If you don’t pick your astrals and leave them on astro screen, they will be sold automatically after 30 minutes.
You unlock 1 astral spot to equip an astral every 10 levels.
You can’t equip 2 of the same astrals. Which means if you got a PATK Orange astral then get another PATK Orange (or Purple, Blue or Green) astral , you can’t equip those 2 as the same time.

One-click Capture, One-click Collect and One-click Sell functions:
One-click Capture Automatically capture high quality astral. MUST be a VIP to use this function. (I don’t know much about this since I’m not a VIP)
One-click Collect:Automatically pick up all the collectable astrals on screen (everything except the Gray ones).
One-click Sell:Automatically sell all the Gray (Unfortunate) astrals. Only for the grey astrals.

1-Click Synthesis and Lock functions: these 2 go together
1-Click Synthesis: Fuse together all the astrals that are not locked or equipped. If all the astrals are the same type, they will be fused to the astral at the top-left corner. If there is a high quality astral (like a Purple with a bunch of Blues) all the astrals will be fused into the high quality astral.
Lock:Click on this function then click on the astral you want to lock. The locked astrals won’t be touched by 1-Click Synthesis function.

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Tips : Mount

I am not sure how accurate this guide is. This is not my work credit goes to wartunegm04 from another site but i thought this site could use this info.

1.When players reach level 40

The Mount system will be unlocked When players reach level 40. The Mount button will show up in the toolbar on the bottom right corner. Please click it to open.
2. Train and Advanced Train

35 balens for single training session, and 700 balens for advance training session (20 times single session).

Training mounts can increase mount’s stats. Leveling up mounts will increase the upper limit of mount’s stats level.
Train: Beast Soul Stone*1 or definite crystals are needed to increase mount stats. There may be odds for Beast Soul blessing every time. It will give a boost effect for training that stats may increase in multiple!
Advanced Train: Every time it consumes 50 Beast Soul Stones or crystals. One Advanced Training equals to 50 times of Training. Also, there is possibly Beast Soul blessing showing up for advanced training to boost the mount stats in multiple.

3. Beast Soul and Special Beast Soul:

Beast Soul: With the level up of mount, beast soul will be unlocked one by one. Player can “Morph” other mount besides your current mount. After morph, the mount will change its appearance. The status stays unchanged.

Special Beast Soul: unlocked in special ways.

4. Clicking “Rest”& “Mount”

By clicking “Rest”(Unsure of stat lose) player will lose the stats and speed boost from mounts. Player’s character will return to the original look (without riding mounts). By clicking “Mount”, the system will automatically choose the mount that player rode last time.
5. VIP Weekly Gift Pack

Using VIP Tokens gives players big chances to obtain Beast Soul Stone

New items included: Soul Crystal*50, Beast Soul Stone*5.

6. Devotion (By completing Daily Tasks, players receive devotions.)

When your devotion reaches 95, Soul Beast Stone will be sent to you!

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Tips : Making Gold

Earning and Spending Gold

Gold is one of the main resources in Wartune, and is used to do anything from acquiring guild contribution, to capturing astrals. However, sometimes you will run out, whether it be from lack of earning it, or unwise spending. The first section will be on how to earn gold quickly, and the second section will be on how to spend that gold wisely.

How to earn gold fast

1. Gold Production

Gold production is the basic method of earning gold in Wartune, and is affected by many different things. These are:
Town Hall and Gold Refinery
Gold Mines
Gold Production (Technology)
Gold Boost (Guild Skill)

Upgrading your Town Hall will provide you with +80 gold per hour. You will need to have this upgraded in order to advance other buildings in your town, so it is certainly worth focusing on. Your town hall will also allow you to levy a large amount of gold 5 times per day, with a cooldown of 1 hour. The amount of gold levied is based on the level of your town hall. You will also unlock a Gold Refinery at later levels, and this will further increase your gold production upon leveling it up.

Gold mines may be found throughout the Wilds. Based on which location your town is in, you will find different-leveled gold mines. The higher level gold mines will give you higher gold production, however be aware that other players may steal the gold mine from you! This means that if you are a lower level, you may wish to instead choose slightly lower-leveled gold mines.

In the academy, there is a technology that may be learnt called “Gold Production”. Each level of this will give you +60 gold production per hour, and it is arguably the best technology to learn in the academy.

Lastly, “Gold Boost” is a guild skill that increases total gold production rates by 1% per level. This is not worth it at early levels, as you will not have much gold production to begin with, but is a welcome boost in the mid to late game. Note that this guild skill only costs 20% of what the other guild skills cost to learn.

2. Farming Gold Seeds

Farming is a great way to earn gold, especially considering these types of seeds are the first that will reach level 2.

Every hour, plant and harvest basic gold seeds, as these will turn out the most profit for you. If you are planning on being offline for a long period of time (E.G, sleep, work), then it is recommended that you plant a 4 hour gold seed instead.

Level your farm by helping friends energize their tree, revive dead crops, weed crops and remove pests from crops, and you will unlock extra plots of land. With more plots of land, you will be able to plant more gold seeds at once, and further your profits.

At a farm level of 15, your gold seeds will upgrade to level 2, and your profits will increase greatly!

3. World Boss Events

If you are able to deal large amounts of damage to single targets, you will benefit greatly with large amounts of gold and daru.

Every day at 11:00-12:00, 16:00-17:00 and 22:00-23:00, world bosses will appear. (These times are based on server time). Make sure to attend these if you can, as it is well worth the effort. The more damage you deal per fight, the more gold and daru you will acquire.

At the end of the world boss, some players will receive prizes.
Apollo Prize: Gives rewards based on your ranking in damage. 1st place gets 250k gold and daru, 2nd place gets 200k gold and daru, 3rd place gets 150k gold and daru.
Warrior Prize: This prize is given to any of those who reached 1% damage or above, but did not get the Apollo prize. Gives 50k gold and daru.
Lucky Strike Prize: This prize is given to the single player that deals the finishing blow on the world boss, and awards anywhere from 500k gold, to millions of gold! Be sure to try to get the last hit on the boss whenever you can, as it is well worth the effort!

4. Plundering Player Towns

This method of earning gold is somewhat luck based, as it depends on your enemy and how much gold they currently have. It also depends on you being able to find another players town that you are able to actually defeat. However, if done correctly, you have a chance of earning very quick gold.

Firstly, enter the wilds and search for a player significantly lower level than you. (You will be unable to fight those more than 10 levels below you) Click on their town, and then select ‘Attack’. You are given 5 attempts of this per day, and may buy more attempts using balens. If you defeat them, you will receive a significant amount of Kyanite, and also 10% of their total gold.

There are a few good points of the day to plunder other players cities, as they are more likely to have higher gold total.
Early Mornings / Late Nights: These times are according to your servers times. If you target people at these times, it is more likely that their gold production will have caused them to accrue more gold.
After Arena Awards: Every 3 days at 5:00 server time, players will receive a large amount of gold and daru based on their arena ranking. Plundering shortly after these become available will increase your gold plundering rates!
After World Bosses: Best time to plunder, in my opinion. Directly after a world boss is defeated, plunder players to steal the gold that they acquired from the world boss event.

5. Gold Alchemy

This is the most reliable way of earning huge amounts of gold, and of course requires a fair amount of balens to do so. At the top of your screen, you will see a button that says “Alchemy”. Using this, you may spend 50 balens to receive gold, based on the level of your Town Hall and Gold Refinery.

Each time you use alchemy, the balens cost will increase by 10. It is recommended that, if you choose to use alchemy in the first place, you only use it a few times per day, in order to be most balen-efficient.

All non-VIP players are limited to only 20 alchemy attempts per day. Becoming a VIP and leveling your VIP status will allow you to use more maximum attempts per day. Note that there are some events that reward you for using this feature, you may want to wait until those events before using alchemy.

Arena Rewards

Arena awards are handed out every 3 days at 5:00 server time. They award players with a large amount of gold and daru, based on their arena ranking. (Lower arena ranking will mean higher arena rewards)

The rewards, despite being only once every 3 days, are quite good. At rank 100, you will receive around 125k gold and daru, simply from clicking a button.

Campaign and Multiplayer Dungeons

Campaign and Multiplayer dungeons are more oriented towards experience, rather than gold. However, you can still earn a small amount of gold from completing them.
Most of the gold you will receive from them will be accrued from gear drops and travelers purses.

Be sure to complete the quests that they require you to do, as these will offer you far greater amounts of gold.

How to Wisely Spend your Gold

Now that we have some gold to spend, what do we spend it on?

First of all, the biggest tip on gold spending for Wartune is to spend it on something that will be permanent, and reliably obtained. If you want to try your luck at a luck-based stat increase such as astrals, go for it. However, you will often be much better off going with a guaranteed smaller stat increase.

Guild skills should be your main focus gold-wise. Buy guild contribution (1000 gold = 1 guild contribution), and buy the guild skills relevant to your class. Mages should learn Intellect, Defense and Stamina. Knights should learn Power, Defense and Stamina. Archers should learn Power, Defense and Stamina. All of these classes should learn Charisma and Gold Boost later in the game, when it is more important.
Another, slightly less reliable, way to spend your guild contribution is to use it on guild blessings. This is somewhat random, as you may earn amazing prizes such as level 6-7 gems, or measly small bullhorns. However, it is more reliable than astrals in that you will always get something.

Enchanting your gear is another large money-eater. However, similar to guild skills, it is a permanent and reliable boost to your stats. In order to enchant most efficiently, it is recommended that you use higher level luck stones. Personally, I use them to ensure that I have at least a 50% success rate at all times when enchanting.

Now we arrive at astrals. These are the biggest money-eaters in the game, primarily due to how luck based they are. I would recommend getting some basic astrals for your class early on, and then focusing on guild skills. After you are happy with your guild skills, move on to astrals.
You are looking for orange or purple astrals relevant to your class, however note that in some cases this has taken millions of gold to acquire. Luckily, even if you are extremely unlucky with capturing orange and purple astrals, you will accrue “Star Points”. 7000 of these points will allow you to simply buy the orange astral of your choice. (2000 for purple astrals).
After you have acquired the astrals you want, you must use even more gold to level them up, by feeding them other astrals. I would recommend selling the white and green astrals, and using any blue/purple/orange ones that you do not need for experience.

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Newbie Tips

First of all you need to choose your character:
Knight:HP(high) PDEF(high) PATK(high) CRIT(low) MDEF(low) MATK(low) BLOCK(med)

Archer:HP(med) PDEF(med)PATK(high) CRIT(high) MDEF(low) MATK(low) BLOCK(low)

Mage:HP(med) PDEF(low) PATK(low) CRIT(low) MDEF(high) MATK(high) BLOCK(low)

Every class needs to improve this as soon as possible:

Knight: HP>PATK>PDEF>MDEF>CRIT HP: you can survive long in world boss

Archer: PATK>CRIT>PDEF>HP>MDEF PDEF: if your opponent using physical attack, and very helpful when doing forgotten catacombs

Mage: MATK>HP>MDEF>PDEF>CRIT MDEF: also very helpful when doing forgotten catacombs you can face monster doing magic attack

PATK: for both knight and archer to take advantage in arena
CRIT: incredible damage
ok for leveling up, just follow the tutorial up to level 25 and its easy to level up to 30. And for every Level you can unlock:
Level 1 = 1st skill
Level 3 = 2nd skill
Level 4 = inventory
Level 5 = City (Town Hall, Barracks, Cottage)
Level 6 = your first enter to Resource Quarry, Friends (make friends asap they will help you doing Farm)
Level 7 = Skill(you can distribute your first skill points for any skill you want)
Level 8 = Troop Upgrade, Plunder other City
Level 9 = Warehouse
Level 10 = Starter Pack 10 w/ 2hrs VIP, Blacksmith, Shop
Level 11 = You can now Transfer in Autaric Plains, Farm, Tree of Ancients, Daily’s
Level 12 = Guild
Level 13 = Arena
Level 15 = Starter Pack 15, Socket, Synthesis
Level 17 = Bounty Hall
Level 18 = Academy
Level 19 = Refine, Recycle
Level 20 = Your 1st multi-player dungeon at Hall of Heroes, World Boss, AFK Mode
Level 21 = Altar of Ennoblement (you can enter here if you’re out of stamina)
Level 22 = PVP Battle
Level 23 = Forgotten Catacombs
Level 24 = Gold Refinery
Level 25 = Astro Gathering, you can claim Saliora will bless thee w/ epic lvl 30 weapon in Event Prizes
Level 27 = Homestead (Not Implemented yet)
Level 30 = you can claim All of Balenor will Rejoice w/ lvl 35 Epic Weapon(set option) also in Event Prizes
Level 35 = Daru Engraving
Level 40 = Best Troops in Wartune now KNIGHT & ANGEL

Buildings need to upgrade as soon as possible

Town Hall(Same level of your Character)
Barracks(Same level of your character)
Academy(Same of your level also, it will help you to boosts the stats of your character)
Cottage(for the number of your population
Gold Refiner(it will help you Levied more gold in your Town Hall)

Items Need to Sell and need to save:
VIP Trial Card = save it you dont have money to buy 1 month VIP
Green Name Equipment = its better to recycle this than to sell
Blue Name Equipment = recycle in blacksmith
Epic/Violet Name Equipment = recycle or sell it
Exp scroll x2 = save it, use this if you are level 38+
Crypt Key = use this if you can finish the forgotten catacombs up to floor 35+
Crypt Token = don’t waste this, need this to buy epic equipment with set option in Forgotten Catacomb Shop, buy only level 30+ equips.
Soul Crystal = you can use this once you reached lvl 35, requirements for daru engraving
Socketing Rod = use this for you’re epic items lvl 35+
Insignia = use to buy epic items in arena shop
MATK Gems = sell it if you’re a knight or archer
PATK Gems = sell it if you’re a mage

How can I get Gold?
Gold is needed for Upgrading Buildings, Enhancing Equipment, Astral, Recruiting Troops
First you Need to upgrade your Town Hall and your Gold Refine.
Second in the WILDS you need to get Gold Resources higher than your level if you can.
Third is Farming plant Superior Gold Seed every 4hrs is better than 1hr.
Fourth is Academy there’s a technology in your academy that can increase your gold when you levying.
Fifth is World Boss, damage the boss as you can, the higher damage the more gold you can earn, you can claim more gold once your damage dealth in boss is reached 1% and if your lucky, if you do the last strike you can claim 1m gold.
Sixth is Arena rewards every 3days the better your rank the better gold you can receive.
Seventh Plunder the other City same of your level or higher than your level if you can, there’s a chance you can get more gold if you do that.
Eight is Daily’s or Daily Quests.
Ninth is Bounty Quest, the high rank of your bounty the more gold you can get.
Last is in your Guild Skill the Gold Boost, or in Guild Blessing.
Tips: use your gold in Astro once you already upgrade your buildings and enhance your equipment.

How can I get Daru?

Daru is need to upgrade the level of your troops. The higher level of your troops is the high advantage in battle

First is Farming, plant Superior Daru Seed.
Second once you reached level 28 you can solo the dungeon Duskin Arena. 2 tombs here that can get 7.5k up to 15k daru each.
Third is the Multiplayer Dungeon The Graveyard. There’s a 3 tombs in that dungeon and if you are lucky you can get a total of 45k daru.
Forth is World Boss the higher damage the high daru can receive.
Fifth is Arena Rewards, the better rank the high daru receive.
Sixth is in WILDS attack and defeat all the Managog you can see in your map, you can get lvl. 1 Daru Pearl that contain 1k daru each

How can I get Kyanite?

Kyanite is used to upgrade the technology in your Academy. Both Players and Troops has a chance to boost their stats.
First is your Tree of Ancient harvest it everyday.
Second Plunder the other City same of your level or higher than your level.
Third is Solo dungeon.

How can I level up Fast?

Leveling up is easy up to Level 25 because of the Quest Tutorial.

Use Exp Scroll 50%, you can get this once your Devotion Reached 45.
First is Daily’s.
Second Solo Dungeon.
Third is Multi-Player Dungeon.
Fourth is Arena.
Fifth is Bounty Quest.
Sixth is become a VIP because of the extra 50% exp.
Seventh is Farm Plant Superior’s leveler’s Seed.
Last is Forgotten Catacombs.

How can I Become Strong?

You need to upgrade your Passive Skills
Upgrade your Barracks and your Troops
Upgrade the Technology in your Academy that Fits in your Character
Upgrade your Guild Skill asap don’t waste your contribution Points.
Use Socketing Rod once you have level 30+ Epic Equips
Socket Gem That Fits in your Character.
Refine your Equipment until you satisfy for their stats.(10 star points if possible)
Astral sell all green, save all blue, keep or use all purple, use all orange if you have.
Ex. Knight needed this = PATK(purple/orange), PDEF(purple/orange), HP(purple/orange) or MDEF(purple/orange) switching is good.
need to keep this CRIT(purple/orange), MDEF(purple/orange), AEGIS(purple/orange)
Upgrade your Astral with Blue, Purple(if you don’t need this), Orange(if you don’t need this).

How can I get Insignia and Honor Points?

Like I said Insignia used to purchase epic equipment with set option in Arena Shop
Honor Points: Max Honor you can gain per day is 3000
Level 1 = Commoner Level 6 =Crusader
Level 2 = Private Level 7 = Knight Crusader
Level 3 = Champion Level 8 = Elite Crusader
Level 4 = Warrior Level 9 = High Commander
Level 5 = Elite Warrior Level 10 = Lord Divine
First place you can get both insignia and honor points is by participating the event Battle Ground.
Second is in Multi-Player Arena but you can only get insignia here.

And the most important part here is to ENJOY PLAYING WARTUNE..

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