Tips : Daily Quest

Here is a complete list of everything you can do in a single day. Be sure to get all of these done daily to get everything possible done. No particular order.

Daily Check-in. Pretty simple and pretty nice rewards.

Daily Bonus checklist. Good rewards but requires more effort. A lot of them get completed as you do other stuff anyways, but check to see your progress. You may be a few points away from the next tier before you logout.

Bosses. 3 a day at 11am, 4pm, and 8pm PDT and a must be at for anyone who needs gold or daru. You get gold and daru based on the damage you deal to the boss with additional rewards for anyone who does over 1% total dmg, top 3 damage dealers, and killing blow.

Group PvP. Similar to bosses, they are on timers with Group Arena being at 1pm and 7pm PDT and Battleground at 8pm PDT. Group Arena rewards insignias which can be used for gear and Battlegrounds rewards insignias and honor too. Plus, they can be pretty fun too.

5/5 Attempts at Multiplayer Dungeon. Gear, crystaloids for more gear, and large amounts of experience. What’s not to like?

Forgotten Catacombs. This is a tiered dungeon that grants increasing amounts of exp with each level along with bosses every 5 levels that give gems and other random items. You are allowed 1 free reset and can use 1 key for an extra run everyday. The exp and items may be slow at first, but it will add up over time so do not forget to make your daily attempts. You can even AFK and it will basically “bot” the dungeon for you.

20/20 Bounty Quest. These are 4 random mini-quests you get with varying quality that affects the reward as well as varying objectives. With a whopping 20 quests, the exp reward can add up very quickly if you get some good qualities. You are given 2 free resets a day and they reset automatically after 30 minutes when you open the window.

X # of Daily Quests. You receive a variety of different daily quests that have you do various things like gathering, fight in Arena, fight the World Boss, and more. The exp from all of these quests adds up, so don’t forget to do them to make room for more the next day. There are also additional daily VIP quest(s) that can only be completed by VIPs.

5/5 Levy. To put it simply, 5 times a day, you receive a big amount of gold based on the level of your Town Hall.

5/5 Siege other players. You can attack other players up to 5x a day before having to pay extra. If you win, you steal 10% of their gold and you also receive a nice bonus of kyanite. Players that are attacked cannot be attacked again for 2 hours.

Farming. Easy way to rack up gold, daru, exp, or a little kyan at intervals of 1 or 4 hours. Help friends with their farms to allow for more plots on your land and you can steal their plants too before they have a chance to harvest them. Do not forget to harvest your Tree of Ancients either as it will grant Kyanite and Vouchers at intervals too. There is a cap on how much farm exp and how many times you can steal, and that cap resets daily.

Stamina. People hear this word and immediately think bad things. Stamina in this game is not as bad you think. You use 20 stamina per campaign run and the main aspect of campaigns are the quests attached to them. Once the quests are done, running them for just the exp and chance of items is still worth it.

Stamina recovering. You recover 100 stamina at 5 am PDT and can also recover 60 stamina over 2 hours daily from praying at the Altar of Enlightenment for a total of 160 stamina to use everyday. This works out to a total of 8 campaign runs without using any stamina potions.

20/20 Duel Attempts. Higher rankings of Arena reward higher amounts of gold and daru which are rewarded at incremental days. Use your attempts to get as far as you can before reset to ensure the highest rank possible for the biggest payoff. Even if you are not interested in the rankings, you still receive exp and a random item with each duel.

Gold Mines. You are allowed up to 2 gold mines from the map you are currently on and they allow a steady income based on it’s level. They have set timers on how long they last and all mines become abandoned at the same time. Mines show the time left and you can see the time left on your mines from the Town Hall as well.

Guild Altar. It costs 20 contribution (20k gold) per spin, but the rewards may be worth it. The higher level your guild’s altar, the more spins you get daily as well as the better the prizes. There are also some bonus/daily quests that tie into using this feature.

Astrals. This is not really a daily thing, but putting a little money into it daily can add up in the long run. It’s a gamble system where you spend 4000 gold to get a random astral of gray (sell to NPC) to orange rarity (hopefully equip). As you click each time, you get another astral as well as a star point which can be used in mass quantities to buy a certain astral you want. In addition to that, you have a random chance to move to the next tier of astral where they cost a little more, but can have a better chance of getting something good. From there, you have a chance to reset back to level 1 or continue all the way to level 5 where you are guaranteed at least a blue and then start back over at 1. The higher level tiers also give more star points. You can also use the astrals you don’t want to make the ones you have stronger by leveling them. And the higher the rarity, the more exp it gives and the more exp it takes to level up.

Once you have completed everything above, there is still one other thing you can do unlimitedly. And that is killing random mobs and treasure caches in the wild. Sounds boring, but it does not cost stamina and can reward Daru, items, gems, and more. No exp though from what I’ve seen.

So what are you still doing here reading this thread? You’ve got plenty to do in-game. Happy Hunting!

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