Tactics – Battlegrounds

Opening Time: Daily from 20:00 – 20:25 and 20:30 – 20:55 (Server Time)
Level Requirements: Level 28+


Battlegrounds are divided by level, with players of level 30-39 and level 40-80 fighting separately.
Each battleground can hold a total of 30 players (15 per team), in which they will be automatically divided into two teams.


Collect crystal ores, located in the middle of the battleground, and turn them in back in your camp.

You will gain Honor, Faction Points, Star Points and Battleground Treasure Shards by turning in these crystals.
There are three separate kinds of crystals (inferior, normal, and superior), each offering yields.
The first team to reach 5000 Faction Points wins. If both teams have failed to reach 5000 Faction Points upon the battle timer running out, then victory will be awarded to the team with the most Faction Points.
Winning teams will receive more Insignia and Honor than the losing team once the battleground has ended.
Insignia earned can then be exchanged for various equipment, weaponry and miscellaneous items at the Arena Shop.
Collect and synthesize 60 Battlegrounds Treasure Shards in the Blacksmith and receive a Battleground Treasure Chest.


Potions cannot be used in the battlegrounds. Upon death, your health will be automatically restored. You may also restore HP with Star Points.

The general terms Insignia and Medallion are currently being used for the same item. If an item requires 500 Medallions in the Arena Shop, 500 Insignia are actually required.
If you dare, defeat enemy guardians and receive Faction Points, Star Points and Honor.

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