Building – Town Hall

Wartune_Town Hall

Town Hall

The Town Hall is one of the buildings granted when you first get your city . No other building can be upgraded to a higher level than the Town Hall , and the Town Hall can’t be upgraded any higher than the character’s level . In addition , each level of Town Hall increases your hourly gold production by 80 .

Gold Mines

The Town Hall displays a list of your current gold mines , along with their location, production rate and remaining time . Each gold mine also has a View button and a Remove button , which provides a quick way to find the gold mine , or simply abandon it .


Starting at level 14 , you can “levy” gold from your Town Hall 5 times per day , but no more than once in the same hour . The gold gained by levying is equal to six times your city gold production ( Town Hall hourly gold production plus Gold Refinery hourly gold production plus Academy hourly gold production ) .


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