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The Arena is a place to compete with other players for rankings and awards . Arena duels are unlocked at level 13 , while PVP battles are unlocked at level 22 .

Arena Duel

Regular arena duels are available at all hours of the day, but each player can only participate a maximum of 20 times per day, and once every 10 minutes ( though this cooldown can be bypassed with Balens or Vouchers ). Upon entering the arena, the player is confronted with four choices of players of slightly higher arena ranking to challenge (these choices are randomly chosen, and can be re-randomized by leaving and reentering). If the challenger wins, then his ranking will be changed to that of his opponent, and everyone in between will be pushed back one rank; if the challenger loses, then no rankings are changed. Either way, the challenger gets a small reward at the end of the battle, similar to random loot.

In the actual battle, both sides use their single-player battle groups (consisting of themselves and their troops); however, the challenged player is controlled by the AI, while the challenger controls his character directly. AFK Mode is disabled during arena duels. Other players cannot assist in an arena duel; however, runes and potions can be used to give the challenger an advantage.

Players should note that the primary benefit for rising in the Solo Arena is that every 3 days a player will recieve Gold and Daru based on their current ranking, so if you are needing lots of gold & daru in 3 days, the solo arena will reward that much needed gold & daru every 3rd day – the player just has to hold that ranking, otherwise (along with the rank) the reward will decrease if the player’s rank is taken by another player.

PVP Battle

PVP battles are only available from 12:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 20:00, server time, each day. In a PVP battle, players gather in a team of three to fight against other groups of three players. Opponents are chosen based on the two team’s total battle rating and could be from any server. All players receive insignias as a reward – 15 insignia for every victory and 5 insignias for every loss, or 10 insignia for defeating a team of considerably lower Battle Rating. Insignias are used to purchase items in the arena shop. Players may only participate in arena fights 30 times per day .

Arena Shop

The arena shop sells various items, including powerful weapon and armor sets for players level 35, 45 and 55, for a price in Insignias ( earned in PVP Battles , the Battleground and Guild Wars ). Some items however cannot be obtained even if you possess the required insignias, these items require the player to achieve an honor rank only acquired through the Battlegrounds and Guild Wars .

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