Damage & Defense Guide

Wartune Damage and Defense Calculation Guide

Getting higher damage and taking less damage is important in Wartune in various situations. In this Wartune guide, we will go over the various aspects of the game factors that affect your damage. Please feel free to leave any comments if you have any additional thoughts or comments.

Base Wartune Damage Calculation
Below is the basic method of calculation for the basic damage that you can do in Wartune. These are the different factors in the game to calculate the basic attack damage.

Average Wartune Damage
Your damage will be a range centered around the damage. The formula is calculated as followed depending on physical or magical attacks.

Average Wartune Damage = (Attack – Defense)/2

Damage Range
The damage range is about 10% below or above the average damage. This means that if you deal an attack to someone in Wartune. Your damage will range between 90% to 110% of the Wartune average damage output obtained from the step above.

Minimum Damage Calculation
However, when you have really high defense against the attacker. The attacker will still deal a minimum damage equal to 10% of their PATK or MATK.

Level Difference and Damage Penalty
When you attack someone the same level or higher than you, you will receive a 5% damage penalty. It means that you will do 5% less damage. Thus, you should always go after players who have lower level than you to get the full 100% Wartune damage output potential.

Based on this damage formula for Wartune, for every 2 Attack or 2 Defense, you will deal or reduce damage by average of 1 point. However, because of the minimum damage taken into consideration, you will have to put points into health as well to overcome the minimum damage.

Critical Rate Consideration
The Critical stats in Wartune affect both the Critical damage as well as the rate of critical. To approximate the amount of damage based on Wartune Critical attacks. You can use the following approximation:

For every 100 points in crit, you increase the crit chance by 3%. However, earlier points will increase your crit chance considerably more often.

The critical damage starts at roughly 50% additional damage and move toward 75%~100% as more critical stats are added to your Wartune character. However, earlier points also make bigger influences in the Wartune critical damage.

How About Block
Blocking works in the similar fashion as the critical attack in Wartune. As you increase your block rating, you will improve the chance blocking as well the amount of damage blocked. We estimate every 100 points in block is 3%. In addition, the range of damage blocked is from 30%~70% depending on how many points that you have.

Skill Damage Consideration
Most of the skills can do more damage usually based on a certain percentage of your attack. However, some do a fixed point damage such as Knight’s intercept that does 1500 damage at level 2. Take advantage of these skills that do a good fixed point attack. They are especially important against players who have good defenses.

Notes on Astral Equipping
Because of how damage and defense rating is calculated in Wartune. It is recommended for you to use one of your Wartune astral slots for the Attack and Critical. However, as your level and equipment advances higher, typically past level 40~50 range, you will find the percentage increase astral begin to outshine the straight point counterparts. Remember to do experiment with your Astrals to achieve the maximum damage and reduce the damage taken.

How to Gem to Achieve Maximum Damage
To improve your damage rating, the Wartune gemming for damage is pretty straight forward. Go for ATK and Crit.

Knight: PATK, Life, MDEF or Crit
Archer: PATK, Crit, Life
Mage: MATK, Crit, Life

The rational behind this is that Archer and Mage can simply focus on their damage dealing capabilities. However, for knights MDEF is especially needed for crypt levels behind level 50.

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Troops & Earning Daru Guide

Wartune Troops and Daru Earning Guide

Having strong troops in the game is essential to the overall battling capability of your Wartune hero. In this guide, we will go over all the factors revolving around your Wartune Troops. Use this guide to get the right troops for your Wartune hero and become the best in the game. Please share this guide with your Wartune and online friends if you have found it helpful and take a look at the rest of our Wartune guides designed to help you with the game.

Wartune Troops Information and Upgrade Path
Depending on the level of your Wartune Barracks, you can hire different kinds of troops for your Hero. Below is a list of these troops information. Depending on how strong your Hero is, you can upgrade less of these units and save even more Darus for next tier. When you level up to the next tier, make sure that you upgrade you barracks high enough to unlock the stronger Wartune units.

Upgrading your troops become increasingly expensive in terms of Daru as you go up in level. Thus, it might be helpful when you are starting in a new server, to save up your Daru intead of upgrading the lower ranked units. Below I have listed some recommended

Level 0: Lancers – Level 3~5 because you can switch to Hunter almost right away.
Level 5: Hunters – Level 15~17
Level 20: Priest (Magic) – Skip because Paladin is better
Level 20: Paladins – Level 20~23, higher if your Hero is weak.
Level 30: Gryphons – Level 25~35 (wider range because depends on your Hero’s power). These units have stun skill.
Level 40: Knights – As high as possible. Great physical damage dealer with high defense.
Level 40: Angel (Magic) – Magic damage and has restore skill. But sacrifice a turn for healing. If you are a knight with high defense angel might be helpful.

Thoughts on Front, Center, or Back Position
Depending on your relative damage to your troops, you should place them accordingly. For example, if your damage is about twice as much as your troops, you should place them in front of you in battles. Because you should almost always have a stronger hero than your troops, you should always place your troops before you. This way you will be able to gain additional Daro too from sacrificing them.

Thus, the only situation where it makes sense to place your hero in front of your troops is when you have a pure defense hero. In addition, each of your troops must do more than half of your damage to make sense. Another situation is when you have upgraded Angel units and want to kill enemies with no health or units loss. Again we feel that any setup other than putting hero in the back is pointless.

However, as you advance into the game toward level 25+. You will start putting your troops behind you as the enemies begin to take out your troops too fast. In most cases your main Hero will have greatly stronger defense than your troops.

How to Make Wartune Troops Stronger
There are mainly three methods of making your troops stronger in Wartune. The first is via Wartune Academy research upgrade. The second is through upgrading your Charisma rating. We will discuss both of these.

You can check out the guide aimed at Wartune Academy for more information. You can boost the various combat ability of your troops, as well as your hero. However, the basic idea is that you should upgrade the units based on their physical or magic type. Another reason why I like to skip on Priest and Angel is that I can focus all my Attack upgrade on physical attack.

The second way is to increase your charisma. Charisma affects troops counts which affect your troop’s health. The formula to calculate Wartune troop health is as followed:
Base HP x (Troop Count/200). Based on this formula, you double your troop’s health points for every 400 additional charisma that you can get.

Below are the list of ways for you to get additional Charisma:
1. Guild Skill
2. Equipment Random Stats
3. Academy Research
4. Wartune Astral
5. Wartune Charisma Gem
6. Charisma Potion from Shop and Crypt Shop

The last way is to get enough Daro to upgrade your Wartune troops.

How to Get more Wartune Daru
Daro are very important in the game to make your Wartune troops stronger. Below we will list out all the major ways of obtaining Wartune Daro to upgrade your troops.

1. Arena Battle Ranking Reward
By ranking higher in Wartune arena, you can claim some really sweet Daro rewards.

2. Map Clearing Rewards
When you clear the stages in the map, you will earn a really nice reward. Remember to claim them from your Wartune mailbox. This is especially useful at the beginning of the game.

3. Wartune World Boss fights
Boss fights can grant you quite a bit of Daro if you are high enough to deal decent damage.

4. Tomb Searching
Tombs in either solo dungeon and multi dungeons are great way of getting more Daro. Do not think those are a waste of time. Search all the tombs for Daro to upgrade your Wartune troops.

5. Wartune Farming
You can place different seeds to get Daro in Wartune. You can check out the farming guide from the link.

6. Wild Monster Hunting
This method is a little time consuming, you can hunt the random monster on the Wild Map section of the game. Sometimes these monsters will drop Daro pearls that you can use for 1k Wartune daro.

7. Troop Death
Now when your troops die naturally from battle, you will gain Daro to the ratio of 1:1. You can simply play naturally and let the troop count build up. However, you can intentionally get your troops killed to rack up your Daro points fast. This is especially useful for the never ending catacomb. However, if you want to use this method, use your weakest unit such as the Lancer because they are cheaper to recruit.

8. Recruiting and Disbanding Troops
Now if you have lots of Gold to spare, this may work for you but it is highly insufficient.

9. Level 30 Multiplayer Dungeon – Graveyard
The level 30 multi player dungeon is a good source of Daro. They generate either 7500 or 15000 per graveyard. You can get at least 22500 and if you are luck you can get up to 45000 Daro per run. At 5 runs a day you can potentially make 100k worth of Daro from the dungeon run.

10. Purchasing the Balen
It may be implemented in the future or at the time of writing. You will be able to purchase Daro directly using money.

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Academy & Kyanites Guide

The Academy is used to learn and upgrade technologies, which is needed to increase your overall strength. The level of the Academy affects how high you may upgrade certain technologies. Kyanite is required in upgrading technologies, which can be obtained from plundering surrounding cities, completing dungeons, and farming.


The Kyanite which is used to upgrade these technologies is a lot harder to get than the Wartune Gold.
-> Ways to get Kyanite:
1) Plundering someone’s city [Usually gives 1500 – 1700 Kyranite]
2) Planting Kyranite yielding crops in the Farm.
3) Harvesting Tree of Ancient.
4) Doing quests which yield Kyranite, which include:
• Plundering
• Guild Blessing
• Completing One Multiplayer Dungeon
5) Doing Campaigns [Random Treasure Drops]

As you upgrade the Wartune Academy building, you will be able to unlock additional research items. In addition, the limit on the Wartune Academy research is limited by the upgrade level of your Academy. Below is the list of initial unlocks based on the Academy level.
*One good thing is that upgrading academy is fairly cheap [In Gold]*

•Level 1: Gold Production
•Level 2: Hero HP
•Level 3: Troop HP
•Level 4: Hero PATK
•Level 5: Troop PATK
•Level 6: Hero MATK
•Level 7: Troop MATK
•Level 8: Hero PDEF
•Level 9: Troop PDEF
•Level 10: Hero MDEF
•Level 11: Troop MDEF
•Level 12: Troop Count

List of Stat Effect: 

-> Research Effect Per Level:
•Gold Production +60 Gold per Hour
•Hero HP + 20 HP
•Hero PATK +12 PATK
•Troop PATK +6 PATK
•Hero MATK +12 MATK
•Troop MATK +6 MATK
•Hero PDEF +8 PDEF
•Troop PDEF +4 PDEF
•Hero MDEF +8 MDEF
•Troop MDEF +4 MDEF
•Troop Count +4 Troops

Wartune Research Cost and Cooldown :
The formula to figure out the cost of research is as followed:
(Level x (Level – 1) x 5 + 50).
So the cost goes up almost exponentially as you research higher level techs.
The research cooldown for Wartune Academy is as followed:
The cooldown increases by 30 seconds a level for levels 1-10, by 5 minutes a level for levels 11-15, and by 10 minutes a level for levels 16+. At higher levels, it is essential to start research and count in the time.

Note: At first…These small upgrades may not seem to be worth the time and effort ..But after you upgrade them many times they make a really big difference.
Have a look at this:
I do not get to make enough Kyranites so this development may not be that good..but it really makes a difference in a battle 

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Mounts List

Mounts are pets that you are able to ride on for a bonus to your stats and movement speed. They are unlocked in various different ways.

When you unlock a mount, that mounts stats are added on to the stats of your White Battle Steed, and you are given the option to use a special skin on your White Battle Steed. Example: Player A unlocks White Battle Steed and gets all of its stats to +50. Player A then unlocks Royal Steed, which gives +50 stats. Player A now has a White Battle Steed with +100 to all stats, and also has the option of either using the skin of White Battle Steed or Royal Steed

This is an overview of the mount screen.

How do you train your mount?

Mount training whips may be obtained for free in various ways.

Guild Blessing: You may receive mount training whips from the “Token” circle in the guild altar. Spins cost 20 contribution (20k gold) each.
95-Devotion prize: If you achieve 95 devotion, you may claim 1 mount training whip. Limit of 1 per day.
Guild Battle Wins: Win a guild battle to receive 10 mount training whips. Based on your guild ranking at the end of the guild battle tournament, you will receive bonus mount training whips. (Rank 1 guild receives a bonus 30 whips)

Alternatively, you may also wish to just spend 35 balens to replace every 1 mount training whip when training your mount. Advanced train gives no higher chance of the Therion Blessing buff (5x exp). However, if you are feeling lucky and manage to get it while using advanced train, it is as if you achieved the buff 20 times using normal train. If you have the balens and whips to use advanced train, I would recommend doing so.

Upgrading your stable will not only increase the movement speed bonus you get from riding your mount, but also the maximum level of stats you may learn. Any experience you put in to your mounts stats will also go in to your stables experience at a 1:1 ratio.

At level 1 stable, the maximum stat level you can achieve is 20. This goes up by 20 per level, so at level 2 stable you may acquire a level 40 stat maximum. The following table only goes to level 20, because there’s a clear trend of +5 stat boosts and +25 exp required per level. The beginning movement speed bonus at level 1 stable is 30%. This will be upgraded to 40% at level 4 stable, and the furthest I have seen is level 4 stable, which remains at 40% still.

Level 1 > 2 stable will require 13,000 exp.
Level 2 > 3 stable will require 51,000 exp.

Each point in Strength will give your hero +4 PATK and +1 PDEF.
Each point in Intellect will give your hero +4 MATK and +1 MDEF.
Each point in Endurance will give your hero +20 HP.
Each point in Armor will give your hero +4 PDEF and +4 MDEF.

  • Click the stat you wish to level up
  • Click the “Train” or “Advanced Train” button
  • “Train” will increase the stats exp by 10
  • “Advanced Train” will increase the stats exp by 200
  • Both of these methods of training have a small chance to give 5x exp.

How do you obtain mounts?

Mounts are obtained in vastly different ways. You may only have one of each mount, trying to get duplicates of any mount will prove both a waste of time and money.

White Battle Steed

How to get: Given to you for free once hero achieves level 40.
Stat boosts: +5 to all stats.

Imperial Steed

How to get: Upgrade your stable to level 2.
Stat boosts: +5 to all stats. (? Correct me if I’m wrong)

Ruby-Eyed Steed

How to get: Balens shop. This costs you 1995 balens.
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.

Shadow Steed

How to get: Balens shop. This costs you 1995 balens.
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.

Hurricane Steed

How to get: May be bought from the level 10 guild shop for 50,000 contribution. (50,000,000 gold)
Stat boosts: +30 to all stats.

Darknite Horse

How to get: May be bought from the Crypt Shop after reaching level 100 in the Forgotten Catacombs. Costs 6000 Crypt Tokens.
Stat boosts: +40 to all stats.

Royal Steed

How to get: Achieve Crusader Rank and buy it from the Arena Shop for 10,000 insignia.
Stat boosts: +50 to all stats.

Therion-Sand Rider

How to get: Be the guild master of the winning guild of the guild battle tournament. This is a temporary mount and only lasts 7 days.
Stat boosts: +100 to all stats.

White Alpaca

How to get: During certain events, you may exchange 30x Alpaca Jigsaw Piece for this mount.
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.


How to get: Exchange 300x Christmas Shard during the Christmas Events for this mount. (Begins 13th December)
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.

Underworld Steed

How to get: You get this mount when purchasing over $300 of balens in the first week.
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.

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Choosing The Right Class

This little review will give you a good look at what you will be given when playing each class.
This will include the benefits and the downfalls.


The archer is a nice balance when it comes to Pdef and Mdef. It’s a physical damage class working off of Patk.

Best Stats :
1) Power (gives 4Patk and 1 Pdef per 1 power)
2) Critical (Archers work mostly off of crits its how they gain rage fast)
3) Endurance/HP (They gain a passive 20% HP from skill tree)

What they excel at

World boss : They are the single best Single Target class. This gives them the advantage at things like world boss.
Early game : They are very strong early game

Where they lack :

Multi-Target : They only have one “real” multi target which hardly does any damage for the cost. Their special for 100 rage will do 2-4 targets (random number) so not too reliable and costs a ton. Their multishot will always hit twice, though it might target the same one twice.

Late game : They start to fall behind really late game (50+), but can still compete well with the competition.


The mage is a really nice class specializing in AoE and support healing. It’s the only class that has a skill’d heal that can target yourself and allies.

Best Stats :
1)Intellect (same thing as power, 4Matk and 1Mdef per 1)
2)Endurance (They lack a 20% HP buff so they fall a tad behind in the life department)
3)Pdef (Again they are great for Mdef but have hardly any Pdef which knights and Archers dish out)

What they excel at :

Crypts : They tear through crypts with their self heals and AoE’s faster than any other class.
Early and Late game : They have a balance between Early and Late game giving it a smooth run through.
The only magic class : Giving the advantage of casting magic damage on targets with no resistances to it.
Healing : They can heal! They can support teammates and heal everyone up.
AoE : Multi-targeting spells.

Where they lack :

Pdef : They lack the physical defense that archers and knights dish out.
HP : They have the lowest HP out of all the classes (assuming you are geared to exact level of another person)
Cast time : Their spells have a slightly longer cast time than some skills of other classes.


Knights are a mix between Pdef and HP dishing out Physical Damage and putting up shields to block enemy attacks.

Best Stats :
1)Endurance : More HP (Your shield is 20% of your max HP, more HP more shield. Also gains a passive 20% HP boost.)
2)Pdef/Mdef : Defences against attack (take more hits and outlast the enemy, knights also have a passive 20% to Pdef)
3)Power : Patk (4Patk +1 Pdef per 1, not only do you get dmg you get armor too!)

What they excel at :

Late game : Knights are NOT early game characters. They really shine lvl 50+ (this is not for players who want early on power)
Tanking : You are the tank, you tank dungeons and arenas for your teammates while dishing out Mediumamounts of damage.
Deleting rage : YES! The knight can delete another players rage! The intercept skill is a fantastic skill that some people overlook. It does a BASE amount of damage meaning it does that damage period (sometimes more) while also reducing the opponents rage by 30+.
Shielding : The knight can not only put up a shield for himself/herself for 20% of their life (yes 20% 1/5th of your life) but they can also give your whole team a damage reduction of 20%.
Fast rage : Knights get rage the fastest of all classes in the game to spam their skills.

Where they lack :

Early game : Again knights are not early game characters if you are not willing to dish out a ton of money to be the top character for a couple days. They are weaker before level 50 than the other classes but not by much.
AoE : They don’t have any AoE other than whirlwind with its high cost of 50 rage. Reflect will hit anything that hits you (even multiple times) but other than that they are single target.
Rear enemies : Their abilities mainly target front line targets. They only ones who will reach the back are whirlwind and ultimate slasher (ultimate slasher targets the lowest % HP target, so if the back has less % HP it will target them)

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Tips : Advanced Astral


Welcome to my guide on how to optimized your astral. In this guide I will not be discussing about the basic stuff that 95% of the community already knows. Instead, we can discuss about some strategy on how to optimized your astral effectively.

First thing first, you need to get your basic Astrals before you go for the other optional Astrals. What are the basic Astrals? well, basic Astrals depend on what class you are playing. A Mage’s Basic Astral is different from a Knight’s basic Astral. Below are the list of basic Astrals which should be obtained as soon as possible.

Archer: +PATK, +PDEF, +MDEF, +HP
Knight: +PDEF, +MDEF, +HP, +BLOCK (+PATK suggested by Hyorinmaru6)
Mage: +MATK, +MDEF, +PDEF, +HP

As listed above, these are the main Astrals which you must obtain before you go for other optional Astrals. Why do I need to get those Astrals? I wanna get my hands on those cool Astrals like as Floating Damage. Yes, optional Astrals are important as well. Later in the guide I will discuss when we should equip optional Astrals but bear in mind, these will be your main Astrals.

After you have obtained the basic astrals as mentioned above, level them up to level 4 or 5 at least. Then, you may proceed to step 2.

Step 2. FUSE OR SELL? 

Basically there are 2 strategies to employ here, namely, sell all strategy and sell green fuse blue strategy.

Sell all strategy 

Sell all strategy basically means sell all the green, blue, and some of purple and orange astrals. When I say sell some of purple and orange astrals, I mean those that you don’t need such as +MATK for archer. There are some doubtful purple and orange astrals which you may be uncertain whether to sell or not. I will discuss these later on. Do not fuse them yet. Now is not the time. Just keep selling.

This is the time where you shoot for the higher color astral or if fail, get your star points as high as possible to exchange for an orange astral. Get at least 2 orange astrals or exchange for it before you proceed to the next strategy.

Sell Green, Fuse Blue strategy 

After you have obtained the important astrals at a reasonable high level and color, next you need to continue getting better orange color astrals and at the same time get your astral to a higher level.

Why sell green? Why not fuse green as well?

Selling cost: 1200 gold
exp: nil

Selling cost: 3600 gold
exp: 10

Selling cost: 6000 gold
exp: 30

Selling cost: 8400 gold
exp: 50

Selling cost: 10800
exp: 70

As you can see from the table above, fusing a green astral only gets you 10 exp. if you sell it, you made a lost of 400 gold but get another chance to go for anything higher than green which is worth it as compared to selling blue or anything higher.


It is advisable to keep a few sets of astral for certain occasions. You need a different astral for World Bosses as compared to the catacombs. Below are the recommended astrals which you may find useful for certain occasions.

World Boss 

For World Boss, All you need to do is to survive 5 rounds while maxing your attacks. The World Boss will cast their ultimate move on the 6th round and whoevers alive on the 6th round will definitely die (We’re talking about a few million damage so there’s no way you can survive his ultimate move). So right now, we need to play around with astrals in order to maximized your damage.

First of all, you will need your troops to be able to survive 1 hit each from world boss. meaning your troops hp must be more than 10k to be able to do that and 14k hp to be able to survive a crit from world boss. To do this, you will need either knights or angels at lvl 30 and above. If your troops still can’t survive 1 hit from the world boss, you need to increase your troop count by either equipping gems, Astrals, guild skills or technology. I personally would not recommend equipping a charisma astral but do it if you have to. If your troops can survive 1 hit each from world boss, that’s already 4 hits all together just to kill off your troops.

Now we move to maximizing your character damage with astrals. There are few different astrals that are suitable for different characters. Lets start off with the most interesting class for world boss, Archer.


A very interesting class which arguably does the biggest damage for world boss. In order for an Archer to maximized their damage you will, of course need a+PATK astral. Here are some optional Astral which you may consider:

+ crit: Archer damage revolves around critical hit. So +crit astral is highly recomended for an archer
+ crit base damage: Important since archer’s skill mostly involve crit. having higher crit base damage increases your overall damage
+ Floating damage: This is a gamble. You have chance to increase your max damage, but also reduce your min damage. So its your choice.
+ Charisma: may increase your troops attack by a little. Personally don’t recommend this very much.
+ 10% chance to reflect damage: Not sure if it work on world boss. still testing. Any1 can help me with this?


A high level mage’s damage is almost equivalent or even higher than an archers. do not think that a mage can’t out damage an archer. So in order for a mage to maximize their damage you will need an +MATK astral. Here are some other recommended astral which can boost your damage much further:

+ Disable crit, increase regular damage: Mages do not crit as much. So it is advisable to use this astral to boost your damage more. a level 5 orange astral can give you up to 20% increase in damage.
+ Floating damage: This is a gamble. You have chance to increase your max damage, but also reduce your min damage. So its your choice.
+ Charisma: may increase your troops attack by a little. Personally don’t recommend this very much.
+ 10% chance to reflect damage: Not sure if it work on world boss. still testing. Anyone can help me with this?


Knight, in my opinion is not really a big damager unlike mage or archer. However, you can still do the world boss and I have seen knights make it to the top ten in damage chart but it’s rare. Well knight would need +PATK definitively. Other that that you may choose from the following:

+ Crit: Knight can do a bit of crit as well, maybe not as good as an archer. But crit in general is needed by Knight for the world boss
+ Crit base damage: If you are using crit, you might as well equip this to further boost up your crit damage.
+ Floating damage: This is a gamble. You have chance to increase your max damage, but also reduce your min damage. So its your choice.
+ Charisma: may increase your troops attack by a little. Personally don’t recommend this very much.
+ 10% chance to reflect damage: Not sure if it work on world boss. still testing. Anyone can help me with this?


To effectively do the catacombs, you will need another set of astral altogether. This is entirely different from those that you need for the world boss. Now besides the basic astrals that I mention previously, you may also choose from the following astrals which could be helpful for you when doing catacombs.

+ Disable crit, increase regular damage: useful only to mages to increase your damage.
+ Reduce all damage by X%: useful for higher levels where the damage is big. since this is a percentage base, its a good protection against the eyeball lightning strike or those 1 hit attacks with big damage.
+ Reduce all damage values by X: useful protection against multiple hits with small damage.
+ Floating damage: as discussed above, it’s a gamble.
+ 10% chance to gain Xhp when attacking: Very useful in catacombs. Makes a lot of difference during long battle especially battles against a boss.
+ Regain hp equivalent to x% dealt, 10% trigger: Useful if your damage is high. also very useful for characters like archers or knights who can’t heal themselves.
+ 10% chance to reflect x% damage receive: may be useful for high level. I personally don’t use it very often.

Arena Duels 

To be able to do arena duels properly, you need a different set of astrals for each class. For example, you don’t equip +Mdef against an archer in a arena duel, even though you normally equip both +Mdef and +Pdef astrals. With the correct astral equips, and a little bit of luck, you may even win against players that are massively stronger than you. So besides the basic astrals as mention above, here are a few more astral that I recommend to use during arena duel:

+ Chance of receiving crit reduce by x%: only equip this when fighting an archer, or else this is useless.
+ x% chance of dodging damage: useful if it’s an orange lvl 5 with 10% chance. Dodging damage means you effectively gain 1 turn.
+ Reflect damage: Use this if you have a lot of Hp but low attack against high attack players with low hp.
+ Reduce damage by x%: Use this along with your +Mdef/+Pdef against high attack players.

Astrals, which in my opinion, are not so useful in arena duel

+ 10% chance to gain Xhp when attacking: Not so useful in a duel because, firstly, it’s a short battle. the chance of triggering is low. even if it does trigger, the amount of HP gain could never justify it’s usefulness.
+ Regain hp equivalent to x% dealt, 10% trigger: Even less useful. the reasoning is same as above except this heal even less. I’m not sure if its going to be useful in higher level fights though.


There are always time when you have to make a very very difficult decision, which astrals you should keep and which astrals you should fuse. You are only given 8 slots for free to store your astrals and you need at least 2 free slots to be able to fuse comfortably using 1-click synthesis. That leaves you to 6 slots available to store “astrals that you may want to use in the future” + “astrals that you may need to swap for world boss” + “astrals which you want to keep in general” (unless you use balens to unlock more slots). It is of grave importance that you know which astrals are important to keep and which astrals are second in priority so that you do not make a wrong decision and regret it later. Whatever I provided below are just my opinion and you are free to do whatever you want with your astrals. Here iIwill only discuss about Purple and orange astrals.

Will Destroyer – Useless unless its orange color. Damage increase too low for it to justify it’s usefulness.
Enhanced Blessed Health – Useless unless its orange color. HP gain too low.
Regeneration- Useless unless its an orange color. Hp gain too low.
Guardian Angel – Useless unless its an orange color. Not a very useful astral in general but you can keep the orange to fight against an archer.
Refined Charm – Useless unless its an orange color. Not a very useful astral in general but you can keep the orange.
Refined Enshieldment- Useful for knight only.
Illusion – Useless unless its an orange color. Chances too low.
Goddess Blessing – Useless unless its an orange color. Damage reduction too low.
Aegis – Useless unless its an orange color. Damage reduction too low.
Ruthlessness – Useless unless its an orange color.
Deflection – Useless unless its an orange color. Damage reflected too low.

Enhanced Wheel Destroyer – Only for a mage.
Pristine Mysticality – Only for a mage.
Enhanced Determination – Only for an archer or knight
Pristine Force – Only for an archer or knight.
Pristine Sniper’s Edge – Only for an archer or knight.

Well that is all I wanted to share in my guide. Just a disclaimer, everything I wrote is just based on my own opinion and some of the research I have done. Some of you might not agree to what i have written. I welcome all discussion so that we can all learn together. Thank you very much for reading my guide.

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Tips : Daily Quest

Here is a complete list of everything you can do in a single day. Be sure to get all of these done daily to get everything possible done. No particular order.

Daily Check-in. Pretty simple and pretty nice rewards.

Daily Bonus checklist. Good rewards but requires more effort. A lot of them get completed as you do other stuff anyways, but check to see your progress. You may be a few points away from the next tier before you logout.

Bosses. 3 a day at 11am, 4pm, and 8pm PDT and a must be at for anyone who needs gold or daru. You get gold and daru based on the damage you deal to the boss with additional rewards for anyone who does over 1% total dmg, top 3 damage dealers, and killing blow.

Group PvP. Similar to bosses, they are on timers with Group Arena being at 1pm and 7pm PDT and Battleground at 8pm PDT. Group Arena rewards insignias which can be used for gear and Battlegrounds rewards insignias and honor too. Plus, they can be pretty fun too.

5/5 Attempts at Multiplayer Dungeon. Gear, crystaloids for more gear, and large amounts of experience. What’s not to like?

Forgotten Catacombs. This is a tiered dungeon that grants increasing amounts of exp with each level along with bosses every 5 levels that give gems and other random items. You are allowed 1 free reset and can use 1 key for an extra run everyday. The exp and items may be slow at first, but it will add up over time so do not forget to make your daily attempts. You can even AFK and it will basically “bot” the dungeon for you.

20/20 Bounty Quest. These are 4 random mini-quests you get with varying quality that affects the reward as well as varying objectives. With a whopping 20 quests, the exp reward can add up very quickly if you get some good qualities. You are given 2 free resets a day and they reset automatically after 30 minutes when you open the window.

X # of Daily Quests. You receive a variety of different daily quests that have you do various things like gathering, fight in Arena, fight the World Boss, and more. The exp from all of these quests adds up, so don’t forget to do them to make room for more the next day. There are also additional daily VIP quest(s) that can only be completed by VIPs.

5/5 Levy. To put it simply, 5 times a day, you receive a big amount of gold based on the level of your Town Hall.

5/5 Siege other players. You can attack other players up to 5x a day before having to pay extra. If you win, you steal 10% of their gold and you also receive a nice bonus of kyanite. Players that are attacked cannot be attacked again for 2 hours.

Farming. Easy way to rack up gold, daru, exp, or a little kyan at intervals of 1 or 4 hours. Help friends with their farms to allow for more plots on your land and you can steal their plants too before they have a chance to harvest them. Do not forget to harvest your Tree of Ancients either as it will grant Kyanite and Vouchers at intervals too. There is a cap on how much farm exp and how many times you can steal, and that cap resets daily.

Stamina. People hear this word and immediately think bad things. Stamina in this game is not as bad you think. You use 20 stamina per campaign run and the main aspect of campaigns are the quests attached to them. Once the quests are done, running them for just the exp and chance of items is still worth it.

Stamina recovering. You recover 100 stamina at 5 am PDT and can also recover 60 stamina over 2 hours daily from praying at the Altar of Enlightenment for a total of 160 stamina to use everyday. This works out to a total of 8 campaign runs without using any stamina potions.

20/20 Duel Attempts. Higher rankings of Arena reward higher amounts of gold and daru which are rewarded at incremental days. Use your attempts to get as far as you can before reset to ensure the highest rank possible for the biggest payoff. Even if you are not interested in the rankings, you still receive exp and a random item with each duel.

Gold Mines. You are allowed up to 2 gold mines from the map you are currently on and they allow a steady income based on it’s level. They have set timers on how long they last and all mines become abandoned at the same time. Mines show the time left and you can see the time left on your mines from the Town Hall as well.

Guild Altar. It costs 20 contribution (20k gold) per spin, but the rewards may be worth it. The higher level your guild’s altar, the more spins you get daily as well as the better the prizes. There are also some bonus/daily quests that tie into using this feature.

Astrals. This is not really a daily thing, but putting a little money into it daily can add up in the long run. It’s a gamble system where you spend 4000 gold to get a random astral of gray (sell to NPC) to orange rarity (hopefully equip). As you click each time, you get another astral as well as a star point which can be used in mass quantities to buy a certain astral you want. In addition to that, you have a random chance to move to the next tier of astral where they cost a little more, but can have a better chance of getting something good. From there, you have a chance to reset back to level 1 or continue all the way to level 5 where you are guaranteed at least a blue and then start back over at 1. The higher level tiers also give more star points. You can also use the astrals you don’t want to make the ones you have stronger by leveling them. And the higher the rarity, the more exp it gives and the more exp it takes to level up.

Once you have completed everything above, there is still one other thing you can do unlimitedly. And that is killing random mobs and treasure caches in the wild. Sounds boring, but it does not cost stamina and can reward Daru, items, gems, and more. No exp though from what I’ve seen.

So what are you still doing here reading this thread? You’ve got plenty to do in-game. Happy Hunting!

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